GFS Feature: She's A Friend In My Head (Addicted to Etsy)

I haven't done one of these features in a while huh!
It's about time.
For those who are new, every blue moon I become really obsessive about a blogger's style. I start to have conversations with them (in my head) and somehow we become friends.
Cynthia's blog, Addicted to Etsy, does that for me.
Whenever she does an outfit post, which is usually on Mondays, I know that I'm going to swoon.
It usually starts with her hair.
I will admit that we might have the same aesthetics...big hair, brown skin but I love her effortless look.
It's so easy and relaxed and chic every single time.
I thought maybe you would enjoy her too.
And of course, you know I don't take myself "hella" seriously so the questions fall right in line with that!
These are questions that I want to know...


1. How would your friends describe your style?

The word they use most often I guess is chic. I don’t know what else they think. They have told me they like that I can put a fab outfit together without spending a lot of money.

2. Your friend wants to borrow your favorite dress. But you KNOW she can't fit it. She's bigger than you? What do you do?

Haha- it depends on the friend, my true friends know I’ll speak the truth. It helps no one if she wears something that won’t fit, and if it’s my fav dress I don’t want her destroying it. It’s a little harder with new friends or people you’re not yet as close to. I hate to hurt people’s feelings and I’m quite the people pleaser. I hope I’ll find a nice way to be honest…I’ll try to help her find something that would make her look her best.

3. You have a coworker who appreciates your style but their personal fashion choices are...let's say "unfortunate." They keep announcing when they’ve just bought something new because they want you to acknowledge their efforts…what do you do? Do you give them an empty compliment? Ignore them? Or finally scream “I hate your clothes the most!”

I will try to be straight with her. I will tell her it’s nice but not my style. I would suggest that she try different things e.g. I would love to see you in this kind of dress, I’m sure it would look great on you. It’s hard though, people are sensitive about these things.

4. Share a style secret that never fails you.

Well fitting jeans and converse.

5. You come across a person that has style blog…and well…you think that they shouldn’t have one. Do you try to find something positive to say about the post or do you leave anonymous “I can’t believe you took a picture of that” comments? (Just curious:)
Honesty might be the best policy but there’s no reason to be hurtful. I don’t have a monopoly on what is good taste or what deserves to be a style blog. It may not be my cup of tea, but it very well could be great for others. As a blogger, I understand how hard it can be at times, so I would leave a positive comment, I like to be encouraging. Blogging is a process, people grow, change, get better, change their point of view, but I think it’s like free speech, everyone should get to share their POV.

6. Your bf/hubby calls you and says you have ten minutes to get dressed for a surprise date. All he says is to dress nice. (What does that even mean anyway!?!? I digress…)What do you wear?

10 minutes??? Yeah, that’s gonna happen. Dress nice in 10 minutes would probably have to be a dressy blouse over skinny jeans and some kinda heels. I won’t do a dress if I have only 10minutes, cos I’ll take too long trying to figure out what dress with what shoes and jewelry- we’ll never make it out the house.

7. You see an attractive man in the car next to you in a store parking lot. He gets out of the car and notices that he is wearing black socks with SANDALS. Do you snicker to yourself or laugh out loud?

Well, I’ve seen some dudes rocking that look proper. But if it’s the kind I think you mean, then I might not be able to help a teeny snicker…it can look really funny.

8. Your friend calls you and begs you to meet her at a restaurant to secretly check out her blind date. What do you put on?

Sounds like an undercover mission, all black everything and a hoodie…that’s a lie, I don’t even own a single hoodie.

9. Have you always been "style confident?" Do you even consider yourself "style confident?"

I don’t consider myself style confident. I started my blog for ulterior motives and then I shared one pic, then two, then my friends encouraged me to share more. My style is just me and somedays I like what I put together so I share. Some days, I feel like a complete bum and that’s OK.

10. There is a fire. (You are required to be shallow for this question.) You have to choose between your favorite article of clothing or your IPOD…which one would you choose?

Don’t have an Ipod, but I will grab my Iphone and Ipad before anything else. Scratch that, forget the phone, just the Ipad. Good thing about never spending crazy money on clothing is while I love many of my things, I won’t run into a burning house for them. I would make a quick dash for the Ipad, cos I have so much stuff on it that I love and for some crazy reason, I haven’t backed up. Gonna go back up now.

Bonus/Random question: What makes you give a person the “side eye” in terms of style pet peeves?

I don’t give the side eye but I’m so tortured by it, b/c I don’t know how to handle it. I really want to stop these women and say something. It’s when a lady wears the wrong underwear and you see tight panty lines, or they didn’t realize it was see through. It completely ruins an outfit and I feel a tinge of embarrassment for them. I wonder why their friends or family didn’t let them know before they left the house.

I told you, right! You can't help but love her. Check out her blog because she is apparently addicted to ETSY and finds the stuff that you never knew you were looking for! Tell her I sent ya!

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GFS said...

Nice feature. I recently discovered her blog and I'm hooked as well.

GFS said...

Oh I love her too! Shes so cute and down to earth...Easily "friend in my head" Material :) Great post!

GFS said...

why so many comments on what she would do if she saw other people dressing bad, the side eye, etc? wish you would have focused more on just her style.

GFS said...

Thank you for reading. Some people take fashion so seriously and I tend to take a light approach. Plus, these are questions that I would ask my best girlfriend. It's all in fun. www.godsfavoriteshoes.com
11th Commandment: Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

GFS said...

I'm cracking up at #3 "Or finally scream “I hate your clothes the most!” LOL!!!!

Great feature! Love all of the questions! I felt like I was a in the seat next to you guys eavesdropping on your conversation. She has great style!!


GFS said...

She is gorgeous & her effortless style is point!

Consider Me Lovely said...

Oh my goodness, I've never seen this series, but I love it!! Your questions were hilarious and so you! I love her blog, so I'm smitten :-).

GFS said...

Love the big hair! Her style is awesome and she knows how to wear an outfit. Great interview with the friend in your head ;-) I wouldn't let a friend borrow a fave dress either!

GFS said...

Love her style! And this was a refreshing interview...not the usual twn questions! Fun!
Oh and OMgoodness! I pinned her on Pinterest today before reading this post! How is that for coincidence?
Love her blog too! Love yours too GFA! Been reading it for years! Just started blogging again!

GFS said...

Hi! Welcome to blogging! What is your link so I can check it out;) www.godsfavoriteshoes.com
11th Commandment: Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

GFS said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Her hair is so fab!
11th Commandment: Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

GFS said...

She is fantastically gorgeous and fabulously stylish!! I love these features you do... and not just because we're "friends in your head" too ;) xx

GFS said...

Thank you Maegan! I need to do more. You were my first Friend in My Head feature! www.godsfavoriteshoes.com
11th Commandment: Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

GFS said...

Thank you Reiko for making us discover another great blogger I will surely stalk.....

demoiselle said...

She's awesome!

GFS said...

Awesome questions and I love her style!!

GFS said...


Can't thank you enough for your profile. The questions were the most fun to answer and I'm genuinely blushing right now. Woulda commented sooner but no bloggin during work hours...lmao.

So happy you shared me with your followers and it's really fun being part of the bloggin community-- so much love.

GFS said...

Agreed :)

GFS said...

What a cute post and blog!! New follower! Check me out sometime.

GFS said...

I LOVES her, you should have asked can we stay with her when we go to NYC (maybe you forgot?) Ask now while she's still unknown to our antics!! And your questions crack me up (as usual!) Great post!

GFS said...

I love her already! Thanks for sharing!


GFS said...

waw awsome

09 10