Saying Goodbye to Austin in Camo and Pearls

Army Shirt: Thrift Store
T-Shirt: Gap
Pearls: Sam Moon
Pants: F21
Shoes: Jessca Simpson (Vday gift 2012)
Bag: Zara

Thank you Rocquelle and Juanette for your photography skills!

You can't even almost imagine the things that were laughed about before, during and after these pictures were taken.
Serious stuff like diversity, media and SUPER important stuff like unpleasant looking babies, humble brags, blogger buns, paying for landscaper bills in  pancakes...the origin of "the dingho ate my baby" phrase...so much more.

It was like watching an episode of "The View" but way funnier and a lot more stylish.

 Kendi...I so enjoy that you are as humorous in "real life" as you are on your blog!
Jentine...you have my heart...and my yard! (She's a kickass landscaper:)

We (Thelma/Juanette and I) had some powerful conversations with the ladies pictured in this post and so many more that were not pictured the entire weekend.
Some of the conversations truly needed to be documented although some need to be classified!
Ultimate girl talk!

Look for more pics on the GFS FB page soon.


GFS said...

YES, YES, YES to those shoes!! Good girlfriends should be cherished. It fantastic that you gals had a great time.


GFS said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!!!

Consider Me Lovely said...

I already told you how I feel about this outfit...LOVE IT!! I'd be your photographer anytime :-)

GFS said...

something tells me you ladies had a lot more fun than those IDIOTS on the view! gah! i sure hope so! and i KNOW you are a more entertaining than those nitwits!

GFS said...

I meant to tell you while I was there that I loved your outfit with the military chic with pearls! great look. Kendi is so nice! I'm definitely a fan of her blog

Shasie of Live Life in Style
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GFS said...

You guys are looking fabulous, definitely the cool kids in the cafeteria!

GFS said...

Bahaha... I forgot about the dingo conversation... Oh random facts, how I love thee...
I just gushed to Juanette but our 'special' time together shall forever be cherished in my heart. Awww.... Sappy. But for real, you kids are too cool! Xoxo

GFS said...

Fun...looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for helping me out hun. xo


GFS said...

waouh! my favorite bloggers in one shot! I am so jealous. Jealous of the outfits, jealous of the laughs, jealous of the talks. I wish I was there with you guys. In another life I guess.

GFS said...

Love your outfit!! Those wedges are too cute :)


GFS said...

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GFS said...

im obsessed... be very afraid!



Chioma said...

I love your outfit and your humor!! Glad i found your blog!!


GFS said...

OMG Sharpie!! Read about the situation in Austin. You brought the truth and some people cannot handle truth. Glad u keep it civil because I know u could have gone there!! Proud of u! I laughed at Sharpie but still didn't quite understand but then again I "understand"!

GFS said...

omg ,, u have sexy body ,,

09 10