What Happens in Austin...Gets A Blog Post!

This weekend I went to Austin to attend the Texas Style Council Conference. 
This was my second year in a row.
At this point, it's worth it just to hug all of my "blog friends in my head."

I wasn't prepared for the cold and rainy weather.
Like bronchitis kind of weather...because that's what I have now.
Oh wait that's not it...I also have an ear infection.
(And I am way too old to get ear infections, no!?!)
So consider these pictures "bb"...before bronchitis.

 Dress: H&M
Jacket: The Gap
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Clutch: Borrowed from Juanette...she is the queen of accessories!

I was able to hang out with my blog buddy Rocquelle from Consider Me Lovely.
It's been over year since I've seen her last. I gotta do better!
I just adore her spirit and her style. And she is hella smart...like for reals...she knows alot of stuff!

Every time I see her, I wanna hug her! 
She has the best giggle:)

Ultimate busy woman Elissa was there!

And my all time love/SHERO... KYLA was there.
There are no words to express how I feel about Kyla. 
She knows.
 That's all that matters:)

 And Juanette...my partner in crime...quite literally. 
I can't share the shenanigans because we have a secrecy pact and both of us would have to "off" each other.

After this picture was taken...there were giggles, wet feet, waffles, bad waiters...in no particular order

More pics/bloggers to come...right after I take a swig of cough syrup laced with heaven codeine.
The only thing that is making me feel better right now is catching up on episodes of New Girl...while trying to not cough/choke while gigging.

Shout out to L. Michelle...I need to jack some of your pics!


Consider Me Lovely said...

Wow, blogging through bronchitis ear infection deathness. That's why you rock!! Omg, I loved seeing and hanging with you and Juanette this weekend! We should not go a year without seeing each other again my dear. Your gold shoes and hair are amazing, and your whole look is fab!

P.S. Awww, your words about me are too kind! <3 you!!

GFS said...

Hey. QOA here. Why can't I be QOYB? QOGettingItIn? I'm changing my name! I love the pic in the collage where you're smiling really big, maybe I was dancing? I'm so glad we get to experience the good the bad and the ugly together, sorry you got the bronchitis. (Please refer to all illnesses with "the" in front of it from now on.) Now cue the theme from The Golden Girls. "Thank you for being a friend...." Feel better soon Reiko-co-la, there are shenanigans to be had!

GFS said...

I just got that...QOYB!!! juanette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GFS said...

I love the clutch!!! that splash of yellow is perfect on the outfit, brava!

Love, Ylenia from *Longuette*

GFS said...

You make me so happy! Feel better soon!

GFS said...

So uhm...I will send ya'll pictures. I am in San Antonio and I left the card with the pictures from the weekend in my other camera *eyeroll* Tye already texted me at 7:00 a.m. to get hers.

I feel so bad that you got sick :( And those were not waffles ya'll had, they were pancakes! LOLOL

GFS said...

Oh yeah they were pancakes huh...Lol

GFS said...

I enjoyed meeting you and you were down to earth just like I thought you would be! :) Love the whole ensemble especially the hair and the way you have it styled!

I'm also sick as well from the bad weather in Austin, and hoping it won't get worse, but about a week before I came down to Austin I had the same thing bronchitis and an ear infection (true story lol) and I also had fever too and had to go to the ER..uggghhh so I do know exactly how you feel but I do commend you on getting this post up being sick and all because I haven't yet, but it's in the works.

GFS said...

I'm so glad you got to make it. I hope to be there next year, it would be AWESOME to meet you since you seem like such a fun person to be around :)

Check out how crafty I can get, imitating McQueen like I could...


GFS said...

Wow, I see some familiar faces... It's ALWAYS good to meet & greet blog buddies!!!! ~LOVE that clutch!!!!

GFS said...

You all look great & you have a great style..seems like you had an amazing time in texas!


GFS said...

before bronchitis. lol! when are you getting your own tv show? you are hilarious. and you look fab. and you make texas sound like fun. :)

GFS said...

I feel I missed out on meeting you at the conference. Where on earth was I? Just your post sounds so nice and loving that makes me wanna drive down to Dallas just to talk to you! (: Oh! Well, next time?

GFS said...

Reiko you and Juanette remind me of me and my bff! Oh the joys of friendship! I sure wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear some of those convos! lol I love your hair in the braided updo! Gimme those earrings and Juanette looks fabo!

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