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Those of you how follow GFS on Google Reader may know that there will be some changes in July 2013.
Apparently they are getting rid of Google Reader altogether.
So if you want to still follow GFS, I think the easiest thing to do is to follow me on Bloglovin HERE.
You may already have a Bloglovin account or you can sign in using your facebook login:)
This does not affect readers who subscribe to my blog through other avenues.

Thanks for following! 

Again this is only for those who follow me through Google Reader.
(Google sure is getting all "uppity" these days, huh?)

(If you're a techy, click here to read a hilarious explanation of the whole Google Reader shakedown and it also offers other RSS feeds that you can subscribe to so you don't miss anything on GFS...but I'm not fancy enough to understand all of that:)

Remember, Subscribe to Bloglovin so that you don't miss my posts/feeds after July!
(Btw, I just imported my google reader to Bloglovin and it was easy as pie...why do people say that anyway? How is pie easy? Does it taste easy? Cause it sure isn't easy to make...)

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GFS said...

way to go google. i guess we shouldn't expect much from the people that developed the WORST EMAIL SERVICE THAT I HAVE EVER USED (gmail -- i HATE it). :)

anyway! thank you for your sweet comment. my parents are falling apart. and i am too! yeesh! but one day at a time, as they say. :)

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