A Few Of My Favorite Things


What I look forward to daily...

(Sigh/screams) She is the best ever! I literally go to Awesomely Luvvie's site at least twice a day to make sure I don't miss anything. You know how you are listening to a song or watching a movie and a random thought pops in  your head? Well, she usually says everything you are thinking.
She thinks like we think about pop culture issues and does THE BEST recaps of Scandal and The Housewives of Atlanta. 
I literally have cried real tears while reading some of her posts. And she uses the best gifs ever!
I want to be her friend!
This is one of my favorite posts by her.
Wait, this one is my favorite.
Okay, okay...this one here had me gasping for air.
 Every morning for the past 6 months or so, I would see my husband turn his Iphone speaker up and he would listen to some talk show.
I thought it was something about sports so I would just ignore it, kiss him bye and go to work.
One day I asked him what he was listening to and he said it was a podcast about sports but not so much.
One day he let me listen to a recent podcast post and I loved it!
I became obsessed with listening to all of them.
It's about sports but not really.
Jemele Hill and Michael Smith are both staples on ESPN TV shows but they started a podcast about a year ago where they talk about current events but ALWAYS segway into a story/questions/debates about relationships or childhood experiences.
For example, Michael is an avid movie watcher and he references a line from Baby Boy it seems like every other episode and I am here for it.
 Jemele is hilarious and always on point with her observations about men/women relationships.
For example, they both somehow shared stories about stealing cable when they  were younger.
And Jemele said her family stole ELECTRICITY!
How does one do that!?!?
You will LOVE it! (I actually have the ESPN app on my phone and just search for the His and Hers podcasts every Monday and Thursday. I'm sure you can go the Itunes route also.
Side Note: Look for His and Hers not His and Hers Daily because the dailies are usually just quick teasers)

Every now and then I likes me some country music and I'm all about Florida Georgia Line! 

I've featured Tiffany from The Werk Place before (here).
But when she did a video to her post, it solidified my obsession with her.
(Tell her I sent ya!)
 I SWEAR TO YOU I watched it like 20 times and I think I memorized the choreography! She gets it right EVERY TIME!!!

What I Want...

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm revamping my wardrobe little by little.
Here is a look at my saved list for what I'm currently coveting over at ASOS.
They are my "go to" right now for updating my wardrobe. (They also have a Curve line for sizes 14 and up)
(P.S...be sure to follow me on Facebook/Instagram...I feel a random giveaway coming on thanks to something that didn't fit from ASOS)
(And yes...I did clean out my closet...I got rid of about 6 bags of clothes)

 Stocking Stuffer? Yes. (I'm in Texas...it's sandal season all year)
If your name is Sean and you have a wife named Reiko,  you should probably consider this shoe as a sweet stocking stuffer. Size 8 or 9.
Click here to buy...if your name is Sean...
 Looks like I'm a glutton for punishment because I want this work out video. I know that Insanity worked for me last year before I got pregnat so I'm a believer in Shaun T and his work outs
What I'm looking forward to...

 I'm going to see Jay Z in a few weeks!
Shenanigans with this one for sure!

At 8:13am, I saw that @essencemag posted that Prince was the headliner for the 2014 festival.
8:15am I sent a screen shot to my husband because he is the BIGGEST Prince fan! (Our song after we said our vows was I Would Die 4 U)
8:35am We got the tickets.
Mind you that the rest of the line up hasn't even announced yet.
Now, if they would just announce that Frankie Beverly and Maze will be there, we will both be in musical heaven!
Since the fest is in July, we are treating the 3 day weekend as a celebration of our 3rd Wedding Anniversary.

What are you into lately?


GFS said...

I too want that T-25! I just got that the T stood for Shaun T...LOL but ain't nobody got time for a 45 min workout in the AM but I can do 25!

GFS said...

I can't wait to discover some new goodies via your recommendations. Your post cracks me up... The Zara shoes are TO DIE FOR...I wish I could wear them here (in NC)... However, I am tempted to get them just to see them sitting pretty in my closet...they are just THAT cute! Six bags of clothes? I'm going thru a transition too... just turned 40 and rethinking my sense of style... GOOD LUCK (although I'm sure you don't need it)...

GFS said...

I love your list!!!!
My husband listens to that radio show, maybe I need to join on in since you co-signed... I like you, thought it was just another dumb sports thing. lol.

GFS said...

Lol I agree with your list bucepfah I have never heard of Florida Georgia Line and still haven't listened to the His and Hers podcast. (I will probably like them both since we are switched at birth Siamese twins.) I was thinking today that I can't wait til you come and then I was already sad about you leaving. #InsertWhatSeanSaysHere #IKnow Buy the Zara shoes, wrap them up and tell Sean they are from him. And kiss my Pookie for me....

GFS said...

More like 10 bags of clothes!! Love the video and the gold shoes... Juanette turned me onto luvvie a year or so ago! FL-GA is music to a GAWJA Girls' ears!

GFS said...



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