Thrifting Challenge!

And it is on! As you know, I met Juanette from Fashionnette-Work this summer through my blog crush. We met when I was in Dallas for business and we became immediate friends.
(We refer to each other as Sisters from Another Mister because we think so much alike!)

Juanette took me around the entire time I was in town and we noticed that we have the same taste in clothes. We decided to partake in a monthly thrifting challenge where we shop for each other. Well, this week I got my first package!
We gave each other a list of things to look out for but weren't limited to.

My wishlist:

1. Tuxedo jackets that I can nip and tuck to be fitted.
2. Shirtdresses or dresses that make me feel like Wulona from Good Times or Mrs. Roper from Three's Company1
3. Swing/Sherlock Holmes inspired swing coats
4. Riding Boots
5. Long vintage clutch purses
6. Belts with fabulous buckles
7. Authentic kimonos

Well...J...YOU HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK! I heart this tuxedo jacket with all my heart and all my soul! I can't wait to rock it when it gets a little cooler!

This dress is actually a little big but I love it because it gives the sleeves a slouchy/blouse-y feel!  I am going to have the bottom so it is a pencil fit. It's also extremely sheer which could be a good or a great thing...depends on where you are going and who you ask!
I got so excited about the first installment of our thrifting challenge, I styled up a few looks to show you guys!
I admit I kind of heart vintage blazers and blouses. So this taupe dress wasn't that flattering as a dress but I threw on a belt to define my shape and I'm going to have it altered into a peplum blouse.
This jacket is fantabulous! It's supposed to button down the middle but I criss-crossed it. I wouldn't wear this belt with it...I just wanted to offer a visual of what it should look like!

I can't wait to work these new items in my closet! This definitely curbs my appetite for shopping because it gives me something to look forward to every month. Juanette should get her first package in a few days. I can't wait to see what she thinks of my finds for her!

I have something to look forward to every month now!


Chastity Garner said...

You guys inspire me to be a better thrifter!!! The pieces she got for your rock!! That tuxedo jacket is insane.

Christen said...

What an awesome idea! The tuxedo jacket is beyond perfect and I can't wait to see what you found for her!

Dhalia said...

I love this post...That was an awesome idea of you two. Ok so right to the point. Email me when either of you come to VA and I'll do the same if I'm ever in your neck of the woods. lol


Manecoarse said...

What a great idea. You're simply adorable.

Key said...

Awwww I love this! I bought a tuxedo jacket from 4ever21 last year that does NOTHING for a larger chest...thrifting is THE best thing EVER! Your birthday is on my mother's birthday, I HEART VIRGOS! Happy Belated from Key over at www.dmwtstyle.blogspot.com !!!

gigiofca said...

What a great jacket. She knocked it out the park indeed!

Traci said...

Great post. True friendship is such a beautiful thing, and of course so is fashion. BTW Wilona was one of my favorite characters on good times. I thought she was beautiful (I thought Thelma was beautiful as well) I loved the way she took in Penny. Being the oldest of 6 kids I have always had a little bit of a motherly instinct about me. So it resonated with me when she did something like that.

Jayme said...

What a great idea! That tuxedo jacket rocks...can't wait to see next months pics

Juanette said...

LMAO you are Cheesy McCheesy, I'm glad you love everything. (Now if we can get over your hate for polyester, we'd be in business!) Can't wait for my package I know you've got great taste my SFAM!

simplychic said...

what a cool idea! i wonder if i could let go of my need to control everything and try this with some one...

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

I love that tuxedo jacket too. It great to see how great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

I love everything she picked out. The dress really does say Winona!!!

Writing Without Periods! said...

What a great idea. I love the tuxedo jacket. It's so you--sassy and tasteful!
Happy week,

FashionAddict said...

I can't wait to see everything you do b/c you are the QUEEN of thifting in my book.
P.S., did you take the shoes back out for a spin??

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The Higgenbottom said...

that tuxedo jacket looks fabulous on you! i love your expressions also, you are so cute! the pink blazer is an awesome find also. thrifting for each other is a great idea!

t said...

Nice tuxedo jacket!


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