Too Sleepy To Give This Post A Title


P.S...That's really a dress I'm wearing. Decided it looked better as a jacket.

Thrifted Anne Klein double breasted dress worn as jacket.
Jessica Simpson Heels
JC Penney Cargoes
Target Tshirt

I've got some good stuff coming up for you guys next week...stay tuned!


Life with Kaishon said...

Dress worn as a jacket! You are brilliant!

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Fabulous idea of wearing the dress as a jacket.

sisters4saymoreismore said...

those shoes... those SHOES!!! i love a jessica simpson heel, that girl can do a shoe!!! and i just love the dress as a jacket!


Its What I Do said...

dress as a jacket!? Amazing...you are so innovative. BTW, how did you turn fabric into a clutch?

Corie said...

I like the dress/jacket...very cute. I also adore those shoes!

~L~ of Avid Accents said...

love the dress worn as a jacket. i'll have to remember that during my 30 for 30. you look fabulous as always.


Sing said...

Good idea making the dress a jacket. I like the look.

Juanette said...

LOVING the dress as a jacket! And I'mma need you to send me that scarf and those shoes. (I know we wear the same size....)

Kerissa said...

What would I do with all my shirt dresses if you didn't inspire me to wear them as a jacket? (: I'll inbox you my addy for the scarf.

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

I had no idea!! that was a dress originally, it really look amazing as a jacket. In fact I was thinking how nice of a jacket it was and how unexpected but beautiful the fabric looked :)

silvia Navarro said...

love your style!!!
great blog!!!
follow u

FashionAddict said...

I LOVE the dress worn as a jacket!!! What a savy way to remix a dress!

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