Roses and Thorns

(Thrifted Blouse, Lucky Brand Shoes, BCBG Heels, Target Leopard Scarf, Tribal clutch courtesy of Marionrenee.com)
 The picture above is the prime reason why I need a permanant assistant who follows me around with a mirror to reflect the sunlight, fan me and adjust my clothes before I take pics so I won't have  problems like one sleeve up and one sleeve down.

I would like to add that I'm a thrifting beast. This vintage blouse makes me happy! I can't wait to find a waist pencil skirt to rock with this blouse. I didn't think I would like the high neck and huge bow but now I worship the look!

I haven't done Roses and Thorns in a minute so here goes.

1. I am in the planning stages of 2 major projects and it's seeming to all come together (details later:)
2. I made an awesome turkey sandwich today. (bacon on any sandwich makes everything better:)
3. Watched an awesome episode of The Good Wife this week (Did you see it!?!)
4. I'm alive and well and so is everyone around me:)

1. Someone SPAT in my future stepdaughter's (Ms. Thang) mouth this week...IN HER MOUTH! FOR NO REASON (apparently)...and Ms. THANG did NOTHING about it!!! She's non-confrontational and it's totally out of character for her to be violent but I'm working on that:) BUT WHO DOES THAT?!? Why is any ten year old spitting on another ten year old!  IN THE MOUTH! That means that you had to time it just right to land your saliva in another person's mouth. Does she practice that at home or something!?!?

I was so mad but not for the right reason. I was mad that MS. THANG didn't knock that little girl's spleen out of place! 

Click here to read the real details of this spitting incident from my dude's pov:)

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Not for the Faint of Heart

Give a girl the choice to thrift or eat for lunch...which do you think I chose? Exactly. Thrifting!
I copped this boys jacket. The minute I saw it, I knew it was something that JJ would have worn on Good Times. You know that thought alone sold me!
(I do not own these other items...just giving you a visual)
Pour La Victoire Heels, Etsy Vintage Clutch, American Apparel Skirt

I can't describe the fabness of this jacket. It's vintage, light wool and fitted. It is awesome and sadly I must part with it because apparently I couldn't convince my boobs to shrink on demand. Sad face. Before I have to part with it, I thought I would style it up a bit. It really could go with anything...wide legged jeans...skinny jeans and boots...pencil skirt. The possibilities are endless.

 Then I saw this dress. It's ugly, right...but that's what makes it fabulous! When I saw it, I knew the solution was to remove the sleeves and voila...a fab dress appears! I'll admit, the jacket and this dress aren't to be worn by "wusses". It's for the fashion gangstas. It's for the chick that dares anyone to tell her that fly collared jackets and Hawaiian print fitted mumu's aren't fashion forward. It's for people like me:)

I just pinned the arms back but doesn't it make a world of difference!?!
Cinch the waist with a belt...and BAM!

 I styled it up for you. All those flowers and patterns needed to be anchored with some black basic classics.
(Chloe Nancy Clutch, Blue Fly Jacket, Pour La Victoire Ankle Boots)
You like?

I'll do an outfit post soon...I've just been to lazy too take pics after work:)

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 Calvin Klein slouchy shirt...LOVE IT!
Lucky Jeans
You can't tell but I have on hoop earrings...I am NEVER without earrings!

I was checking out some of my fave blogs and was surprised to see the sweetest compliment about me! Click here to see Chastity in all of her thrifting glory and fabness! Thank you Chastity!

 Did a lot of running around today. I needed to be comfy but presentable. So glad I did, because in my running around today...a friend and I somehow ended up posing for pictures at a party...that we weren't even invited to. That's another story for another day! Have a great week! I'm working on a pretty project right now...I'll share when all of the irons are in the fire!


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Shout Out to Good Times!

(Thrifted Dress, Thrifted KOOBA bag, Pour La Victoire booties)

Has this been a long week to anyone else besides me? Geesh!

 I wasn't ecstatic about the bootie with this dress. The proportions were kinda off for me...you win some,  you lose some. I don't hate the combo but I won't rave about it.

This dress is channeling TC from that episode of Good Times when the "handy man" was a girl who had a crush on JJ. Remember that episode!?! She was a total tomboy but sexed up her look for JJ! I know you remember that episode!

Well I found the clip...you can't tell me this dress doesn't look like a TC dress! That's my whole purpose in life...to dress like Good Times characters!


GFS Feature: Christ Chic

This is what I rocked to church today...hence my Christ Chic look:) Remember this dress from the thrift challenge with Juanette from Fashionnette-Work? You know where we thrift for each other every month. Well, the dress was too big so I had it altered...but there's a problem...I didn't listen to the professionals!
(Jessica Simpson Heels)

I took the dress in to alter the bottom part into a "pencil" fit..because everything looks better if it's a pencil fit, right? Well, I had her fit the skirt tight around the kness and she kept saying "no, no, no...too tight."

I blew her off and insisted that I knew what I was talking about.

Well  she was right! It was soooo tight around the knees that I almost needed assistance  getting in the car and going up stairs! Ridiculous! You would think that would be enough to not wear it again...negative. If Victoria Beckham can suffer for fashion, SO SHALL I!

The legend is I've been this way since birth. The story goes that at 3 yrs old, I was told that the stove was hot but I refused to believe it until I kissed the stove...KISSED THE STOVE PEOPLE!! They never had that problem out of me again...

...P.S....remember what happened the last time I didn't listen to the alterations lady...click here


One Lonely Beastie I Be...

(sorry about the wrinkles...long day)

I went to a party this weekend. There was a dj, barbecue and dancing.
You're thinking I went to the club, huh? NOPE.
I went to my nephew's LITTLE LEAGUE football game!
All you soccer moms and little leaguing moms...I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS LIKE THAT!
(Thrifted Men's Shirt/Thrifted scarf/Steve Madden Shoes/Thrifted KOOBA bag)

I went to support my nephew even though he wouldn't know it because he goes out of his way to ignore me. He just gives me the side eye whenever I come to his games as if he doesn't want to be associated with the likes of me. He's such a hater!

Well, I noticed that there was music being played during this game but it wasn't half-time yet.
I look over at the side lines of the other team...THEY HAVE A DJ! A DJ!! With a turn table and all!
OMG! I was so in shock! Really, Little League football is like that now?!?

Here's a rundown of some of the songs that were played:

1. Freaks of the Industry (Digital Underground)
2. I'm Bad (LL Cool J)
3. Paul Revere (Beastie Boys)
4. Blow the Whistle (Too Short...yes...TOO SHORT!)
5. Planet Rock (Africa Bambaataa)

(Cheerleaders doing the Cha Cha Slide during half time)

I pretty much ignored the game at that point:)

And because I kinda lost my mind when I heard the Beastie Boys song...here ya go...ENJOY!
*Title of this post is the best line from this song*


The Particulars

No pics of today's outfit. I'll give you a hint though...I'm rocking flats. Enough said.

I just wanted to drop a few notes...

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

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And SweetHunny...You get the funniest comment award of the week! I laughed ridiculously hard at your comment about my Christ Chic look:

Sweethunny said:
So you know you look like the deacon's bougie wife at church right?! (the one that thinks she too good to belong to the little church and should be at the big one across the street). But you are definitely rocking the hell out of that hat and I absolutely love the shoes!

It's only funny because it's so true! I would be that deacon's wife that never showed up to any of the bake sales and side eyed all the crying children in the church! LOL

P.S...thanks for all the kind words about my little mention in Essence Magazine! We're all friends in each others heads! And a big THANK YOU to the CFO, photographer, sponsor, temperamental financier, part time health advisor (meaning he usually has to stop my knee from bleeding when I fall and bust my butt daily) also known as "the dude". Thanks Sean for spearheading Team GFS from the beginning:)


GFS in Essence Magazine!

 You might see a familiar face in the November issue of Essence Magazine!

Thank you to the Essence staff!
How cool is that!

Frankie Beverly the Barkless Dog looks really interested, doesn't he?
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GFS Feature: Christ Chic!

(Zara's Sweater, ANCIENT Express skirt because I haven't stepped foot in there in about 6 years)

I have an Italian friend who worships Elvis Presley and the Pittsburgh Steelers, loves raunchy gangsta rap, reads her women's devotionals while taking smoke breaks, prefers red soda, decorates for all holidays, likes to fight, exposed me to tomales, displays a Pink flamingo bird in her yard, is renting a moon walk for this year's Christmas party and watches that show Glee...faithfully. Is your Italian like my Italian? My Italian is awesome! What up Lisa!

Well, she shared with me that she watched last week's episode of Glee and apparently one of the characters went to a baptist church and got exposed to a whole new style of dress...CHRIST CHIC!
I immedately knew I was going to use that name for my postings of Sunday outfits. Doesn't it just fit!

I may have told her I that I was going to watch that episode this weekend just for reference but I'd much rather watch Sister Wives...because well...they are SISTER WIVES!  Just the title of that show cracks me up! Have you seen it? The dude/the polygamist is not even hot!
At any rate here is my Christ Chic look for today.  I kept it basic because I really just wanted to wear the hat. The purse...I needed a pop of color so I dug in a drawer and came out with this flower pin and pinned it to my clutch.

I'll announce the winner of the Shoe Clips Giveaway this week!


Busy Bee

(Banana Republic Tuxedo shirt, Anthropologie Dress, Kate Spade Shoes, Thrifted Scarf)

Today, I kinda felt important. I had places to go and people meet...which is rare if you know me in real life. I have a friend, let's call her the Puerto Rican princess (she makes me call her that:), who ALWAYS has somewhere to go! Always. I call her a soccer mom although she has no bambinos but she's always running here and there. Me...not so much. Work, home, grocery store, mail box...yeah...then work again.
Today, I...

1. Went to church
2. Cooked a kick a$$ Chicken Parmesan
3. Took the best nap that almost made me miss #4!
4. Met a reader of my blog who turned out to be the Don King of Ideas! She was so inspirational and motivating, I walked out of the Dessert Gallery singing the Reading Rainbow song "I Cannnn Do Anythiiiing...Take a look, it's in a book...Reading Rainbow!" (I went too far with the song but I know you remember that show!)
Thank you Ashley...I programmed your number in my cell so that means I'm no longer a friend in just your head!)
5. Celebrated my homie's bday with Sushi and Cake! Happy bday Arianne!
6. Hung out with my bestie/dude!
7. Accomplished a new scarf updo:)
8. Found a new way to wear this old dress.

(I was trying to show how I tied the scarf to do an updo..you can't really tell though)

This is what I wore to church. It's a tulip style dress I copped from H&M this summer.
Jessica Simpson Shoes/ Thrifted Blazer

This look from Style Sample is what inspired my retro look today. Click here:)
Juanette from Fashionnette-work reminded me to shop in my own closet! Thanks!
How did I do?

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