Forgive Me

I promise this is the last time I'm posting me with this skirt! This actually is an outfit from last week. I just saved the post for a rainy day when I had nothing to say but low and behold...my camera is out of commission.  
 I won't be able to post for a few days...but let this be a lesson in how many ways you can rock stripes.

This is what you wear when your air conditioner goes out in your house and you have to go to the Mr.'s place for a few days. You remix what you already have over there.

Which isn't always that bad when you are remixing some of your favorite pieces...

And sometimes there is a warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie the size of a pancake waiting on the stove for you.

Not the worst way to suffer, I suppose:)

Target Tank/Skirt
Paris Hilton Heels
Thrifted vest (from Rufus...he he he)
Random chain necklaces
Shades c/o Wanted
Long Heart Necklace c/o Love Maegan
American Apparel Bag

Last time I'm POSTING this skirt...not the last time I'm wearing it.

And when I say last time I'm posting this skirt...I mean the last time this month....okay next month too.

Update: Air Conditon is now fixed but camera is now broken. #fail


Easter Saturday

I am pretty sure you are sick of this skirt...well dress today but usually it's a skirt.

I'm sick of it too...but I love it so.
Therefore we both must suffer.
But you'll forgive me.
That's what Jesus did.

Happy Easter!
Target Skirt worn as dress
Urban Outfitters shirt/fedora
Steve Madden sandals (old)
Mother in Law's Train case (gotta return it soon...sad face)

And the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway is Alice (fa11enan9e1)!!

Email me at godsfavoriteshoes@yahoo.com so you can get your dress!


GFS Hits The Streets: XPOZHER

It seems like I am really busy these days, huh?
Not really.

(Vintage Dress worn as Vest, Target tank/skirt,LAMB Heels, Mother In Law's Train Case)

I would probably be at home watching reruns of Bethanny Ever After on Bravo if there wasn't a real reason for me to leave the house.
 (P.S...Bethanny is funny and psycho all at the same time)

Key from Don't Mess With Texas Style and I have been trying to meet for a while but kept missing each other at Houston meetups.  We decided to make that a thing of the past.

Key has featured GFS  on her blog a few times and it was kind of ridiculous for us to be in Houston and never have met.

Key and her fabulous sister met me at XPOZHER Accessories and Home Goods  to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the shop. It was the perfect place to meet, chat, mingle and shop!
We chatted about everything under the sun. I don't think people realize that they can sow seeds of empowerment just by kind words. Key did that for me.

(Key shopping)

 Her sister freaked me out because she says that she reads my blog all of the time and I'm always genuinely amazed when someone says that:)

I met these chicks as strangers and somehow I walked away with hair products and a fabulous top from their car. That's southern hospitality at its finest!
(More on the top in a few weeks)

Xpozher is the brain child of Houston's own Yolanda Green. I can't say enough about Ms. Yolanda. This lady is a busy bee but knows how to throw a party! The first time I met her, I witnessed her literally greet her customers with a "CHEST BUMP FOR JESUS!"
Awesome in every sense of the word!

I didn't quite walk out of the shop empty handed. I managed to outwit another customer from getting this beautifully made cross necklace! SCORE!

If it's not enough for Yolanda to run a fabulous accessories shop but her son just happens to be talented.

If you follow me on twitter then you know Lee-Lonn. I tweet about him all of the time.
I get the pleasure of hearing him sing at work but it's only a matter of time before everyone knows his name. We talk alot about making our passions/creativity our primary source of income.

Look him up on ITUNES not only for his beautiful voice but because he is always asking me for random things like hot sauce or tartar sauce at work. He brings apple sauce and broccoli for lunch! Who does that!?!
We need to feed him!

I'm actually going to finally catch one of his live shows tonight!

Enjoy Lee-Lonn's video while I go frolic!

This song makes me giggle.



I really can't put into words all of the words I am feeling right now. Flattered...honored...freaked out shall have to do!

I really wish the pastor of my church will preach a sermon on the power of Social Media because I am a believer!

Phenomenal Atlanta artist Shanda Ferguson reached out to me through Twitter asking me if she could do some pieces for me.

Well, here they are! And believe me when I tell you that I screamed when I saw it!


(All Artwork courtesy of ShandArtProductions...don't steal:)

I was so thrilled that I did something that bloggers usually don't do...I asked if we could talk on the phone.
I felt she needed to hear my actual Southern scream live and on level LOUD!

I just got off the phone with her. I think she sensed my enthusiasm.
This chick is ridiculously talented. Check out her blog here and her work here.

P.S...not for nothing but someone major even recognizes her talents here

Shanda...Get ready. Set. Grind!

And your words were so encouraging to me as well.
Just you wait til I get to Atlanta one of these days!
And I can't wait for you to start on my secret summer project...eeek!


Hi. I'm GFS also known as Reiko.

This is what I looked like in 1988. Glasses...hairstyle and all.

My students said I looked like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.
The Mr. said I looked like Tootie from The Facts of Life.

I agree with both observations. I'm kind of proud too.

Some of you have never heard of Tootie or The Wizard of Oz.  
That's okay.
We will just call this "Geek Chic" for those who are scratching their heads.

Striped Tee c/o Striped Shirt
Gap Skirt (I dyed it yellow last summer)
L.A.M.B. Heels
Target belt
Vintage Train Case
Watch c/o TIKKR Watch
Random chain necklaces
Heart Necklace c/o Love Maegan


A Dream Deferred

Since I picked up the hobby of thrift shopping, I tend to make up stories to go with the clothes I find.  

For instance, this hunting vest was found in the men's department.

I suspect the owner of this vest was forced to get rid of his vest at the request of his wife.
She probably was so sick of him spending all of his time in the woods that she told him that he had to stop hunting.

Not because she didn't want him to have a hobby...but because he didn't have a JOB! She worked as a teacher's aide/exotic escort and he hunted while she was gone.
This probably went on for years.

Perfhaps she only put up with it for so long because she didn't want to be accused of stifling his dreams.
He always talked about his desire to own his hunting company where he trained people to hunt for deer, elks, and bears.

He probably had other get rich quick schemes over the years but this one was the last straw for the wife.
She probably told him that if he hadn't atleast acquired a single client by the end of the year, he had to get a job.

The year came and went. Still not a single person to start his business. Rufus had to finally give up hunting. On that last day of the year, he took all of his hunting/safari gear including this vest to the local thrift store. The very next day, he got a job as an air traffic controller. His wife was pleased, he got plenty of rest on the job and I got this vest.

Thrifted vest, Target Belt/Skirt, F21 T-Shirt, LAMB Heels, Watch c/o TIKKR, Borrowed Train Case

Thank you Rufus. I hope you weren't one of the ones caught sleeping on  your new job!

LOL...See...I told you. I make up stories to go along with my thrift finds.

You should try it sometimes. It's fun.


SFAM Proud!

Look at Eboni from The Fashionista Next Door in pants from SFAM!

(Yes, they are vintage culottes!)

If there is any doubt that vintage can be modern...she just proved it! Thank you for supporting SFAM!

Eboni, you make us Texas girls proud!

Shop SFAM now!

P.S...Check out my entry in Pretty Shiny Sparkly's "Bloggers Do It Better" Challenge...here


Subtle Changes

I giggled at my outfit today because it went through quite a few phases.

The hair was big...then the humidity got to it.

Target T-shirt
thrifted skirt
 L.A.M.B. Heels
Borrowed Train Case
TIKKR watch c/o TIKKR

The hair flopped for a while...

Then the hair got the fro-hawk treatment...

By the end of the day, I had changed the belt and let the hair go wild.

Welcome to a day in the life of GFS.

(My future mother in law pulled out some goodies from the attic this weekend. Somehow I walked away with this circular train case. On loan of course...but I'll make great use of it while I have it. I loveth it so:)

GFS Housekeeping...

1. I will announce the winner of the GFS/Shabby Apple Giveaway later this week.
2. There is a giveaway for GFS/Facebook Likers only...here
3. Yes, this thrifted skirt is indeed the same skirt worn as a dress from the previous post.


All Aboard!

Just a quick weekend post.

Thrifted skirt worn as dress.
 Kind of obsessed with that whole strategy these days.

TIKKR watch c/o TIKKR
Pour La Victoire Sandals
Vintage Train Case
(Never knew how much I needed a vintage train case until I saw Juanette with one)

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GFS Gets Out of the House!

Vintage Blouse gifted by Juanette
Target Skirt
Vintage Train Case (Found one after worshipping Juanette's)
L.A.M.B. Heels (super comfy)

I had the pleasure of attending Dismount Creative's Pre-Launch Party in Houston.
Through the power of blogging I've met phenominal people and Alicia, creator of Dismount Creative, is no exception.

(Alicia got in on my mini-photo shoot)

The concept of her company is really dope. Instead of having a regular girls night/happy hour...why not do something like make jewelry at the same time? Brilliant, right? RIGHT!

(Alicia teaching us how to hand stamp jewelry while sipping on adult beverages:)

I was so inspired by Alicia because she shared that she worked as a chemical engineer but decided to take a leap of faith and do something that she loves. Amen sister!

I got to hang out with my uber talented new blog buddy DIY Raven.

Raven rocked one of her American Apparel inspired bags that she starts selling this week!
(Remember, I wore my very own custom "Reiko Red" bag here:)

Consider Me Lovely's Rocquelle was there! Can I just say that I HEART her! She refused to believe that I'm 35! Bless her heart:)

(She's rocking the Jessica Simpson Dany heels)

And I somehow forced her to finish making my jewelry. She did it...graciously:)

Hopefully this will be the first of many meetings/social hours/gabfests!

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  You've been warned!

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